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Spanish courses

by level

Courses by level


4 lessons per week


10 lessons per week


20 lessons per week


30 lessons per week

All our Spanish courses by level will help you to improve your Spanish! The levels of the courses are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

​You can choose between 10, 20 or 30 lessons a week. All groups have a maximum size of 8 students.


In the afternoon you have the possibility to join the Vamos activity program to discover and enjoy Madrid.

After successfully completing the course, you will receive an official certificate.

In order to enroll in one of these courses, it is necessary that you have your Spanish level determined beforehand. You will find the link to the Spanish level test at the bottom of this page.

Private lessons


Private lessons: You get your own private teacher.


Lessons only for you

+ a friend

If you prefer Spanish lessons that are exclusively tailored to your needs and level, take advantage of the benefits of One-to-One Spanish Courses. Even for students who have the need to work with specific skills in addition to the regular classroom lessons, can book private lessons as part of their intensive course at any time. Participants of an Intensive, Super-Intensive or DELE preparation course benefit from reduced prices.

​If you want to learn Spanish together with a friend or partner, we offer the possibility of Two-to-One.

​The advantage of both variants is that you are flexible in terms of time and the classes are not tied to a specific timetable. In addition, there is of course the possibility for participants of these two variants to take part in the group activities in the afternoon.​


After successfully completing the course, you will receive an official certificate.

Private lessons
Vamos Spanish School

Junior Course

A Spanish course for teenagers between the ages of 14 and 17.

With the help of the course material created by the "Vamos" teaching team, the Junior Course strengthens all the skills of young Spanish students: expression, listening, speaking, reading, comprehension and writing.


Dynamic activities are used to encourage learning through experience.
Many of these activities take place outside the classroom, for example in museums or shops, where they can apply what they have learned in class to the "real life". This immersion in the language is a guarantee for a better use of Spanish and Madrid is the ideal city to practice Spanish in real situations.

After class, there are always activities to get to know Madrid and its surroundings, so that young people can really enjoy their stay in the Spanish capital. 

The program includes coaching sessions to improve the young people's soft skills and upon completion of the course, each participant receives an official certificate. 
The students have the opportunity to live with one of our carefully selected host families near our school. In this way, students can experience first-hand what life in a Spanish family is like and learn about its customs and traditions.


Role Play Course


Among the different scenarios

are the following


Welcome to Madrid

Family and friends

Habits and customs 

Daily life and work

Everyday life and shopping

Telephone calls 

Correspondence and emails

Business lunch

Summary and farewell



University Life​

Solving everyday life and work situations in a very limited time!

If you only have little knowledge of Spanish but you want to expand it enormously in a very short time, take advantage of the "Role Play Course“!

The Role Play Course consists of ​two intensive weeks of learning, culture and life in Spanish with clear goals and grammatical, communicative, practical and effective content.

Every day in class you will experience a different and real scenario in Spanish that lead you to the topic of the day. This ​immersion in the language is a guarantee for better use of Spanish and ​Madrid is a perfect city to practice communication outside the classroom.​

Each scenario works with a specific vocabulary and specific course material created by the "Vamos"-teaching team, adapted to the level of the participants.


In 54 lessons you will work on all the skills you need in an international environment and the course also includes coaching sessions to improve your self-confidence.

Upon completion of the course, each participant receives an official certificate


DELE Exam Preparation Course

The aim of the DELE preparation course is to prepare you in the best possible way for an official DELE Exam. Therefore you will practice simulations of the exam during the course. Facing the real situation, you will gain advantage. The groups have a maximum of 8 students, in this way it is guaranteed that the attention will be very individualized and participation in class will be very high.

You will master all the components of the exam in depth because you will work on all the skills in class: oral expression, conversation, reading comprehension, oral comprehension and writing.


The program includes coaching sessions to help you achieve your goals.

One week always has 10 lessons.

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