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Business Spanish Courses

A training course for professionals who are in contact with the Spanish or Spanish-speaking business world due to the globalization of their companies.

How does Vamos create the ideal language course for the needs of your company?

  • The Spanish courses are designed according to a needs analysis and assessment tests.

  • In cooperation with the training and further education department, the objectives and the contents of the course are tailored to the further educators according to their specific requirements.

What are the main focuses of these courses?

  • Financial and juridical language

  • Effective presentation

  • Negotiations

  • Small talk

  • Meetings and conferences

  • Business lunch

  • Business vocabulary

We prepare, rehearse and improve with you presentations, negotiations or first contacts with companies.

Kaufmann International Spanien

Mobility of Expats


Skills preparation - Cultural and psychological preparation

An Expat becomes your company's ambassador in the country of arrival. Nowadays, it has been seen that a mere linguistic preparation is not enough. Therefore, to adapt to your new environment, in addition to the language, you need a Skills preparation and a Cultural and psychological preparation

We train the Expat upon arrival, and we even move to the country of origin to ensure its adaptation in the new environment.


The Expat is supervised by highly qualified Spanish teachers, trainers and specialists in communication techniques with the aim of shortening the adaptation time, avoiding misunderstandings and inconveniences that could lead to inefficient work or even the loss of clients. 


We will work on the specific cultural habits and protocols with which he/she will have to face at the moment of his/her arrival to the new country, either at work or in his/her daily life.

As we consider that moving does not only mean moving, but also establishing affective and positive ties with the new destination, we count on integral relocation services so that the employee and his/her family feel at home from the first moment.

Assistance before arrival, during arrival, during stay and on return


Advisory and administrative services on the topics: Tax, labour, visas, health insurance and other administrative formalities

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