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Welcome to Vamos - The Spanish Language School of the IFC Group! We are pleased to introduce you to our team of professionals, dedicated and passionate about teaching Spanish as a foreign language in Madrid.

  • Javier Gómez Moreno and Alexander Bell are the founders and CEO of our school. With their vision and leadership, they have created a welcoming and friendly environment for our international students. In addition, they are committed to ensuring that the quality of our educational programmes is always excellent.


  • Cinthia Navarro, our academic director and head of studies, is responsible for the supervision and coordination of all the teaching programmes we offer. She ensures that teachers are trained to provide a dynamic, engaging and effective educational experience for our students.


  • Ainhoa Mate, responsible for Marketing, Communication and Social Media, ensures that our school is visible in the digital world and connected with our students. Through our social networks and other communication channels, Ainhoa spreads our teaching culture and the latest news and events of our school.


  • Laura González, head of the exams department, ensures that our students can obtain official Spanish certifications such as DELE and CCSE, among others. Her experience and knowledge ensure that our students are well prepared to pass these exams and obtain the best results.

We are proud to have a team of highly trained and experienced professionals at Vamos - La Escuela de Español del Grupo IFC. We are here to help you with everything you need to make your learning experience rewarding and effective. We look forward to seeing you!

Javier Gómez Moreno

Javier Gómez Moreno

CEO and founder

Alexander Bell



CEO and founder

Laura González

Laura González

Head of the examination department

Cinthia Navarro

Cinthia Navarro

Academic director and head of studies

Eric Lastra



Trainee in Marketing, Communication and Social Media Department

Ainhoa Mate



Head of Marketing, Communication and Social Media


Although our school offers many points of value, the best of Vamos is our team of native teachers. They combine excellent preparation and professional experience which ensures the best motivation to teach.
Our teachers become the real driving force to achieve language skills, to be able to converse with people, to be able to become an intercultural speaker, to be able to speak Spanish in a foreign language...

Cinthia Navarro



Director of Studies

Graduated in Hispanic Philology, University Master's Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language and PhD candidate in Hispanic American Literature.
Creator of the Easy ELE website.

Irene Puyol



Spanish teacher​

Graduate in Hispanic Philology and Master's Degree in Film Scriptwriting and Master's Degree in Literary Studies from the UCM.

Spanish teacher and writer.

Patricia Morcillo



Spanish teacher

Graduate in Journalism (as a journalist she has worked in radio, television, magazines and press agencies).

Teacher of Spanish language and literature, and tourist guide.

Jacques Martín



Spanish teacher​

Degree in Law. Foreign Trade Technician and Real Estate Agent.Master in Didactics of Spanish as a Foreign Language.Teacher in teaching Spanish to foreigners.


Jossbell Ochoa
Eli Maiquez
Pablo Díaz
Celia Butron
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