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Although Vamos Madrid's location in Madrid is unbeatable and its facilities and the variety of courses and activities it offers are second to none, the best thing about Vamos Madrid is its teachers.

They combine excellent training and academic preparation with a vocational dedication that ensures the best motivation when teaching this Spanish language.

There will always be something more to learn, something more to teach. Our teachers become the real driving force to achieve the language skills, to be able to converse with people, to be able to become an intercultural speaker, to be able to speak Spanish in a foreign language.



Director of Studies

Graduated in Hispanic Philology, University Master's Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language and PhD candidate in Hispanic American Literature.
Creator of the Easy ELE website..



Spanish teacher​

Graduate in Hispanic Philology and Master's Degree in Film Scriptwriting and Master's Degree in Literary Studies from the UCM.

Spanish teacher and writer.



Spanish teacher

Graduate in Journalism (as a journalist she has worked in radio, television, magazines and press agencies).

Teacher of Spanish language and literature, and tourist guide.



Spanish teacher​

Degree in Law. Foreign Trade Technician and Real Estate Agent.Master in Didactics of Spanish as a Foreign Language.Teacher in teaching Spanish to foreigners.


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