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Vamos began in 2006 when, in the field of mobility, we started to prepare people in the Spanish language for work purposes.

Over the years we have expanded the range of language courses we offer, adding courses by levels, dele preparation, courses for teachers, until we have reached the wide range of courses that Vamos Madrid has at the moment.
Something of the beginnings has remained with us. We are always looking for "something more" in our courses, to give them some meaning, some utility more than the simple I am, you are, we are.

A language is a vehicle of communication between people, fundamental to understand each other, to live and work together. Knowing another language is the differentiating point in everything: in life, in your work or career for all of us.

Located in the exclusive Salamanca neighbourhood, we offer facilities with all the space and technology required for modern teaching in today's world.


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