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To raise the value of the company, achieving its growth.
To provide a quality and professional training service to Private Companies and Public Entities. 
To provide a training service to students who wish to improve their Spanish language skills.
To become a benchmark of quality for our clients.


To be recognised as a training provider, especially in the areas of teaching Spanish as a foreign language (ELE). Not only doing training projects, but also "global" projects with IT developments if necessary and added values.
To be a customer-oriented company, where each customer is considered unique because of the treatment given by the members of our company.
To be a company prepared to compete.
To focus on large clients.


Contribute to the development of its employees.
To facilitate the professional development of its employees based on criteria of merit, aptitude and professional attitude.
Team building, sharing values, projects and information.
To focus on the client, to be a service company in the area of Spanish as a foreign language.
An agile company that is able to react promptly to market changes and requirements.
To achieve customer confidence.
Commitment to quality, achieving certifications.
To provide a quality training service in the area of ELE.
Encourage growth based on alliances with other companies of a similar size.
To generate a good atmosphere towards our company among our clients.
To promote training platforms on the Internet.
Generate our own teaching methods and a particular and differentiating methodology.
Invest in employee training.
Invest in technology.
Encourage the concentration of young staff, over 45s, disabled people, women.

Mission and Vision values
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