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The test of constitutional and sociocultural knowledge of Spain (CCSE test) is an examination test prepared by the Cervantes Institute that evaluates, through different tasks, the knowledge of the Constitution and of the Spanish social and cultural reality, it is one of the requirements established in the laws for the granting of Spanish nationality for Sephardic Jews originating in Spain, and for the acquisition of nationality for residents in Spain, as appropriate.

Enroll in our school

Enroll in our school


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The inscriptions, and their corresponding payment, must be made online, after having registered, within the private space of the user of this same website.
You can pay for your registration in the CCSE test with both credit and debit cards, through the Santander Elavon Merchant Services Virtual POS system.
Enrollment in the test of constitutional and sociocultural knowledge of Spain (CCSE) by the candidate implies their express acceptance of the terms and conditions of purchase established by the Cervantes Institute and their commitment to provide the identification and supporting documentation that is required during the process of obtaining Spanish nationality.
NOTE: Candidates who register to obtain Spanish nationality must do so with their NIE. If you previously registered with another identification document, go to our User Service Center (CAU) to request the change.

How to registrer?

Frequent Questions

What are the Cervantes Institute tests that are required for the granting or acquisition of Spanish nationality?

Current legislation (Law 12/2015, of June 24, and Law 19/2015, of July 13) that regulates the procedure for obtaining Spanish nationality by residence, establishes, among other requirements, that applicants must pass two tests designed and administered by the Cervantes Institute:

The Spanish diploma DELE level A2 or higher, which certifies a basic knowledge of the Spanish language, and
The test of constitutional and sociocultural knowledge of Spain (CCSE), which accredits knowledge of the Spanish Constitution and the Spanish social and cultural reality.

What does the CCSE test consist of?

The CCSE test consists of 25 questions on two types of content (knowledge of the Spanish Constitution and the social and cultural reality of Spain) and is organized around two main sections:

Government, legislation and citizen participation in Spain (15 questions).
Spanish culture, history and society (10 questions).
It is made up of five tasks with 25 multiple-choice questions and 3 closed or true/false response options.

The test has a maximum duration of 45 minutes and is written in the variety of contemporary peninsular Spanish.

How valid and valid is the certificate of having passed the CCSE test?

The CCSE test is valid for files for the acquisition of Spanish nationality for Sephardim and for foreigners residing in Spain.

The validity of the CCSE certificate is 4 years from the date of approval of the qualification certificate.

Where can I find information about the requirements to request the acquisition of nationality, about the DELE exam tests or about the CCSE test?

To find out the requirements to carry out the process of acquiring Spanish nationality in certain cases, you should visit the website of the Spanish Ministry of Justice:

Registration procedure and additional information about the DELE exam tests, which certify knowledge of the Spanish language.
Registration procedure and information about the CCSE test.

Can you be exempt from taking the CCSE test in the procedure for obtaining Spanish nationality?

Yes. In fact, they are exempt from taking the CCSE test:

  • minors

  • people with judicially modified capacity.

They may be excused from taking the CCSE test, provided they accredit it to the Spanish Ministry of Justice, and it approves it.

Where do I have to register for the CCSE test?

Registration and the corresponding payment for the CCSE test must be done online, after registering, within the user's private space on this website.

What identity document should I put in the registration?

Candidates for the CCSE test, during the registration process, must register compulsorily, with the NIE.

Can I make more than one registration for the CCSE test?

There is no limit to the number of times a candidate can register, nor is there a set period between registrations. Each candidate can register for the test as many times as they want, as long as they pay the corresponding registration fees each time.

Remember that for each registration you are offered two opportunities to pass the test.

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